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Tulong Tulong Tayo

TTT: Tulong Tulong Tayo is a project that showcases, informs, and illustrates a modern form of bayanihan, which is donation-based crowdfunding, to the modern Filipino.

Everything has a reason, whether big or small.

Tulong Tulong Tayo aims to:

Inform the Filipinos about crowdfunding, especially on donation-based crowdfunding.

Illustrate and show that donation-based crowdfunding is a modern form of bayanihan.

Show the importance of bayanihan to the modern generation via online.

Before delving more into the project, and discover why crowdfunding is a modern form of bayanihan, recharge your vocabulary by reading the glossary.


is a Filipino custom that derived from the

Filipino word “bayani” which means hero.


is a person who solicits or donates

his/her money to the crowdfunder.


is a person or group that asks

for financial help through crowdfunding.


is an online platform wherein the crowd provides fund to support a project or cause.


is a Filipino word which means

“help” in English.


is a Filipino term which is equivalent to a third person pronoun which is either, “we”  or “us”.

The essential words in this project are now defined. Now, discover how bayanihan evolved to the modern era and why crowdfunding is involved with the tradition.

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