Tulong Tulong Tayo! | About the Project
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Why Tulong Tulong Tayo?

The Philippines has its unique custom of their culture, which is bayanihan. Bayanihan promotes unification and diversifies the principle of donors and people who are in need.In addition to that, the Philippines belongs to the Pacific Ring of Fire which makes this country prone and susceptible to natural disaster and calamities.

Most of the Filipino people who are affected by calamities, poverty, and sickness nowadays have been experiencing difficulties in financing their medical needs and physiological needs, especially when asking for donations and sponsors.

TTT: Tulong-tulong Tayo is inspired by the Filipinos in need, and at the same time, the often-neglected donation cans placed on the mall. This project aims to be one of the channels in helping the Filipinos who are in need, through a modern form of bayanihan, which is crowdfunding. Since technology keeps on evolving exponentially, crowdfunding is an innovation for people who seek help.


The Team

Tulong-tulong Tayo! is a project that was created by Zhaine Ambat and Ellyza Cua, both being Multimedia Arts students from De La Salle–College of Saint Benilde.

Zhaine Ambat

Animator,  Graphic Designer, Writer, Artist

Zhaine loves to create art and play music. She loves unicorns. Most of her time is spent on her devotion and helping people in the outreach that her family participates every week, in her hometown (Amadeo, Cavite).

Ellyza Cua

Web Design, Graphic Designer, Animator, Artist

Ellyza loves to create different types of art in various mediums. One of the factors why she chose crowdfunding as her topic, is because her best friend was born with biliary atresia. The cost of doing the surgery was pricey, and it needed a lot of support from different people.

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