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Modern Bayanihan

Despite Filipinos sometimes being in the middle of enormous circumstances and in the absence of communication modes, a study by Morales (2010) elaborated that Filipino online users consume the internet to reach out to the people they love, know, or even to the person who has the same race as theirs. The regular social communication and interaction are now elevated to the level of two Filipino cultural forces namely bayanihan and “pakikipagkapwa-tao.”


Moreover, in the research of Vergara (2015), it was discussed that crowdfunding is a “good fit” for the culture in the Philippines since it complements to bayanihan. He implied that crowdfunding is possible in the country because it promotes unity and shows the helpful culture in the Philippines, which is bayanihan with the help of the technology nowadays.


According to our research, 83.1% of the respondents consider donation-based crowdfunding as a modern form of bayanihan.

In such a way donating online shows ``Bayanihan`` because you unselfishly help another person you might know or not know, you do this out of good will and spirit - Miguel Amurao


You often see people in social media who seek funds. But do you know that there is a term called for that? It’s crowdfunding! Learn the history and its types here.


Know the different views that came from inspiring people about the connection between donation-based crowdfunding and bayanihan to the Filipino society.

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